I've had an accident. What do I do? A step by step guide:

Report the accident to the nearest Police Station (SAP)

Your insurance company will require a case number for the insurance claim.

Contact insurance company/broker and inform them of accident

Your insurance company or broker will best advise you on what you will need in order to successfully complete your insurance claim.

The standard requirements are:
  • A completed claim form. You will need to know: Insured details, particulars of all parties involved and description and location of accident
  • A copy of your Valid Drivers License or the Valid License of the insured driver
  • The police case reference number
  • Estimate of Repairs (Quotation) for the damage. You will be able to drive in to most repairers and obtain a quotation. These are generally free of charge

Obtaining Insurance authority

Once your claim has been processed, an assessor will be appointed to assess the damage to your vehicle and agree a cost of repairs with the relevant repairer. If authorised to do so, the assessor will give the repairer the authority to commence with the repair.

Please note that the repairer is unable to commence with repairs until authority has been received. The repairer cannot be held responsible for delays in this process.

Book your vehicle in

Your insurance company as well as the repairer should inform you when authority has been given. It is then by mutual arrangement with yourself and the repairer as to when to leave your vehicle for repairs. The repairer will be able to give you an estimate as to the length of time needed to complete the repair.

Please note that this is an estimated time frame. Due to the nature of motor body refinishing, it is not always possible to give exact delivery times and dates until the repairs are under way.

Collecting your vehicle and paying your Excess

Once the repairs have been carried out, you will be able to collect your vehicle. The repairer will be instructed to collect the excess amount on behalf of the insurance company. Excess Payments (if applicable) are payable on collection of your vehicle. Please confirm with your insurance company and/or refer to your policy documentation as to what your excess amount is.

Note: In the event of your vehicle being towed from the scene of the accident by a tow operator, your insurer and or broker will best advise you on how to proceed. Selecting a repairer of your choice and arranging for the tow operator to transport your vehicle directly to them or as soon as possible will help eliminate possible delays.